1. Siren Song

    She has always been afraid of fire engine sirens, and her cries when they wail by the house are pitiful. So after failing for some time to comfort her, I’ve started giving her treats in the hopes it will create a trigger in her mind that sirens (and firemen) are good things. Now, when a siren goes by she jumps in my lap and licks my face until she gets a treat. I can’t figure out if this is good or bad.

  2. After too much play time in the park, she retreats for quiet rest and reflection where The Human won’t pester her. Much.

  3. youtastelikenachos:

    Typical Monday.


  4. The Jerry Springer Show Part 2: Strippers and Weaves


    After the crowd fluffer security guard finished explaining the rules, he invited Jerry Springer onto the stage to continue to fluff the crowd. Turns out, Jerry fluffs his crowd by making homophobic jokes so that was special. He also hit on a young lady sitting a couple rows from us who was definitely in college. To give you some perspective, Jerry Springer is sixty-nine. That is like Chevy Chase hitting on Selena Gomez in a room full of people fist pumping his name. It just should not be done.

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    Here ye! Here ye!